Social Media17 Ways To Gain A Large Number Of Youtube Subscribers

17 Ways To Gain A Large Number Of Youtube Subscribers

How to collect fast subscribers in YouTube – 17 options
Now you will learn how to quickly gain a large number of subscribers to 100K on YouTube. The methods work and are simple.

Given the importance of creating a well nurtured community, I propose these tips or methods with which you can gradually make more users decide to follow you.

There are different kinds of apps, extensions and services where you can get subscribers on YouTube. For example, the tool also offers likes with views. Tik Tok, Instagram, and Telegram also have options and methods for getting reactions.

1. Combine your YouTube strategy with other social networks.

To get subscribers on YouTube, every time you publish a video, spread it on the main social networks where you have more presence.

This will favor its virality and, therefore, will help you reach many more potential followers, not only people who are looking for content on your subject on this audiovisual platform.

One place where you probably haven’t thought of sharing your videos are Facebook groups.

There are groups for almost every topic, so you should not have trouble finding several of them with audiences potentially interested in your content.

Once you’ve found these groups, comment with a link to your post and watch your followers grow!

2. Use keywords in the titles of your videos

This social network uses a system very similar to Google for the positioning of its search results. After all, it belongs to the latter.

That’s why, if you want to get subscribers on YouTube, you will also have to work very well on your keywords. Real likes, followers and views on the Telegram, Youtube, Instagram –

What does this mean?

Well, you will have to do a complete Keyword Research to see which terms or phrases are the most searched by people in relation to the content of your video in order to select the one you are going to bet on and place it in the title of your video.

There are other free keyword planners (such as the Clever Ads tool) that can help you in this task, since by typing one or more keywords they suggest many other related keywords and indicate the monthly searches for each of them.

All this, so that you can make a decision with criteria.

Another good way to research keywords is to use the autocomplete function of the search bar in it.

3. Make advertising campaigns to get subscribers on YouTube

If what you want is to attract a large number of subscribers fast, stop looking for “weird tricks” and go for advertising on YouTube Ads, especially if your channel is very new or unknown.

In these cases, it is not necessary to invest large sums of money to achieve this goal. With a good segmented strategy, you will be able to do it with a small budget.

  • There is a great diversity of advertising strategies that you can carry out thanks to Google Ads. The one you choose will always depend on your objectives and the audience you want to target.
  • On the other hand, if you do not have experience in Marketing, as mentioned above, there are also free tools like Clever Ads (enter and learn about their website here) that make your work much easier and help you design an advertising strategy on all Google platforms.
  • They take care of creating your campaigns and start advertising your videos and channel on Google with the daily budget you choose.

4. Optimize your video descriptions

As explained above, you will have to carry out this same strategy in the case of the description of your audiovisual content.

Including in the description the keywords you select as many times as possible (with sense and criteria) will be very important.

Some good practices are:

  • Cite your main keyword about 3-4 times in the text, and especially in the first paragraph of the description.
  • The description should be about 250 words, so you should be concise.
  • Link to your website and social networks to encourage the creation of a community around your YouTube account.

5. Link to related content on your blog or website.

Following on from the previous tip, you already know that these should be eye-catching and original. But also, if you include some interesting content from your site related to what they are viewing, users will be interested in them, making you get Web traffic.

Of course, this does not mean that you should “spam”, linking to content on your site that is unrelated or does not complement the valuable information you are explaining in your video.

In short, the real advantage of this point, despite being that you can get more qualified traffic, the fact that you complete the described with a text article, you will gain confidence and authority to the potential follower, who will see you as a content creator to have as a reference

Example of links in the description:

  • In my case, most of the time that in my blog I generate a step-by-step guide about some functionality or tool, I like to create an explanatory video.
  • And in turn, in the description of this audiovisual content I usually link the written tutorial, so that my community can consume it in the format they want, as I show you in my guide on how to upload photos to Instagram from PC.

In addition, more and more YouTubers use emojis to draw attention to certain elements like this one in the description.

In my case, I tend to be more discreet, but as I always say, in your case it may be that you think it’s convenient and that it favors you.

6. Put a subscription link to your channel in the descriptions of your videos

What you must include in the first 150 characters, so that it is always visible, is a subscription link to your channel. It should also be the following link so that the subscribe button opens automatically.

The truth is that, although this platform already indicates this to you at the top right of your description through a button with a clearly visible red background, the habit of always seeing it there may make them visually omit it.

Therefore, there is an alternative way to make it appear in the center of the screen, as a pop-up, and that is by adding an additional link to the one that YouTube already includes intrinsically in your description.

7. Create live broadcasts (event or webinars)

Streaming broadcasts are a powerful tool to interact live and direct with your community, which helps you to boost your visibility, reputation… And, of course, to get more subscribers on YouTube.

If you have a business or company, a webinar is one of the best ways to capture leads, interact with your audience, build customer loyalty and create content that can be used in other digital strategies (blog, email, social networks, etc.).

Therefore, here is a step-by-step tutorial of the StreamYard tool, one of the most powerful in the market to broadcast live through social networks:

8. Collaborate with other Youtubers

Look for collaborations with other influencers in your industry who may have a very similar audience to yours, and therefore be interested in your content.

You can make a video together on the other person’s channel, or simply agree to mention each other in a video.

This strategy is a good way to “exchange” followers.

Keep in mind that you should look for accounts of your size or slightly larger. Larger accounts will be harder to convince unless you offer them something in return.

Another way to take advantage of the audiences of YouTubers with many followers is to mention them in titles and descriptions, that is, “use” them as keywords in some of your videos.

9. Create playlists with your content

The playlist format works very well on this platform to gain more subscribers, as well as in terms of SEO positioning.

Keep in mind that these help to greatly increase content consumption and viewing time, favoring user retention.

So what you should do is to segment your videos by topic and create a playlist according to the search intent that you think a user you want to attract may have.

It’s very easy, here are the steps to follow to create a playlist:

  • Go first to a video you want to put in a new playlist.
  • Under it, you will find the “Add to” option.
  • Click on create a new playlist.
  • Set the privacy, in this case you don’t want it to be private so that anyone can find it when searching on the platform.
  • Hit “Create”, and you’re done.

You can also create playlists of other known YouTubers related in some way to your content and put some of your videos in that playlist.

This way you will get subscribers twice: for being the creator of the playlist and for your own videos contained in it.

This is a way to adapt the concept of “brand association”. If your videos appear in the same playlists as those of industry influencers, they will think you are one of them!

10. Use YouTube tags

YouTube allows you to add various tags to your videos that represent the content and subject matter of your videos. To figure out which tags you should use or which ones will rank better, you’ll need to do some research similar to what we did with keywords.

Include your main keyword among these tags, and research what tags your competitors use or similar videos that are very well positioned. You can help yourself with a Chrome extension for this task.

Taking advantage of these tags will help users find you on YouTube more easily as a suggested video.

11. Subtitle your videos to expand your audience

One way to reach more people and attract more potential followers would be to translate your videos, at least the most popular ones, into other languages such as English.

If you think that the topics you deal with may be interesting for audiences in other countries, why not reach international markets?

You can do it for free and expand your reach very easily.

You can also add subtitles to your videos in your own language as well, so that you can also reach those with hearing problems.

To add your own subtitles to your videos you can follow the steps below:

  • Go to “Creator Studio > Video Manager > Videos”.
  • Access the drop-down menu next to “Edit” to add the subtitles.
  • Select “Subtitles”.
  • Click “Add new subtitles” and get started.

12. Take advantage of trends

Be aware of current trends, both in your industry and in general that you can take advantage of, and create related content.

This is a good way to take advantage of the momentary increase in searches related to those topics that become fashionable and that can affect your sector.

13. Repeat your name and your main keywords in videos

First of all, repeat your name like a parrot, not only in titles or descriptions but also during your videos.

To get subscribers on YouTube, your name has to resonate with everyone.

In addition, YouTube employs a technology that allows you to identify what you speak in your videos. So, repeating your name and also the keywords you want to rank for throughout the video will indirectly help you rank better.

14. Generate controversy or controversy

Personally, using conflicts in my social strategies is not something that I like and that I usually do. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that, in social networks, generating controversy is one of the fastest ways to attract attention and go viral.

If you look at it, almost everyone does it. Nowadays, it is not uncommon to see different Youtubers getting into the racket with each other, what’s more, the more relevant the character you are messing with is, the bigger the scope of that controversy can be.

There is even someone who has already thought of creating a channel to monetize all this social Salsa Rosa… I’m talking about Salseo Youtuber.

15. Do you want to get subscribers on YouTube? Ask for it

There is an old saying that tells us: “He who does not cry does not suck”.

So, if you want more subscribers, another excellent technique is to ask people who are watching your videos to subscribe to your channel, to Like you and why not, to share it with their friends.

In short, using a powerful call to action, verbally within the video and written in the descriptions, is a very good idea. Without forgetting that YouTube gives us buttons, thumbnails and other ways to attract those new subscribers.

16. Get the house in order and dress it up

I’m already forgetting one of the most important, is that rushing is very bad. Most people create a YouTube channel and start uploading videos without almost worrying about optimizing it first.

You know that saying: “there’s no second chance to make a good first impression”. If you want to gain visibility and reputation, to get more subscribers, you also have to choose a powerful and original name for your channel and take care of the visual part of it, that is, the cover and thumbnails of your videos.


If you have come this far, you are really interested in having more subscribers on YouTube to monetize your content.

All the strategies we have reviewed will help you make your YouTube channel more known, giving more visibility to your videos and creating a stronger “brand image”. Let us know how you’re doing in the comments.