BusinessA Comprehensive Guide to Door-To-Door Leaflet Distribution

A Comprehensive Guide to Door-To-Door Leaflet Distribution

Leaflets put your marketing messages directly in front of those you want to reach, with 79% of recipients keeping or passing along these fliers, according to studies.

Attracting attention and relaying your message effectively are of utmost importance, so make sure your leaflets are eye-catching and clearly communicate how your product or service can benefit the reader.


The door to door leaflet delivery is an efficient marketing technique with a high return on investment. While traditional, it remains effective as over 92% of people who receive leaflets read them – staying put for an average of 38 days after being delivered!

Your target audience and business size determine which distribution methods are available to you. Shared Distribution (where your leaflet is distributed alongside non-competing leaflets), but Paired Delivery is also an effective means of decreasing competition while saving money compared with solus deliveries.

Artwork is an essential element of your campaign, so investing in an experienced graphic designer to craft eye-catching leaflet designs that resonate with target audiences and increase return on investment. Additionally, additional costs to keep in mind may include storage, GPS tracking and delivery updates from distributors; if these don’t come standard then look for another distributor who does offer these features.

Getting Started

Mailing leaflets through people’s letterboxes is an effective marketing technique with proven results, whether that’s from a council newsletter, takeaway special offer or shop brochure. But creating cost-effective targeted campaigns to meet specific goals requires strategy and planning – neither of these approaches is inevitable!

This guide offers practical advice and insight into all aspects of creating and running a successful campaign – planning and strategy, leaflet design and printing, distribution booking and execution. This advice comes from professional distributors that have helped many businesses, services providers and event organisers achieve real success through leaflet campaigns. However, getting it right can be tricky; mistakes are costly so understanding potential challenges to ensure maximum ROI from your campaign and ensure its success!

Planning Your Route

Leafleting remains an effective marketing technique even in this digital era, with studies revealing that over 90% of people reading the leaflets that arrive through their door, with most keeping them for an average of 38 days before discarding them.

Make sure that you target the appropriate demographic with your business and have an in-depth knowledge of the surrounding area, because delivering leaflets to areas which do not need them would only result in wasted money and resources.

As part of your evaluation of distribution companies, be sure to inquire as to the number of other leaflets they plan on distributing alongside yours. If they refuse to provide this information then they are unlikely to be reliable partners; an established distribution firm should have no issue providing this data in order to prove their approach and assist your decision making processes.

Measuring Success

Leafleting is an established marketing technique employed by organizations of all kinds across various sectors, providing businesses with a cost-effective means to reach their desired audiences. When using leaflets as part of your promotional plan, make sure your artwork stands out amongst its competition by designing eye-catching artwork that draws in potential recipients and makes your leaflet noticeable from others.

Leaflets tend to have greater memorability and recall than digital advertisements due to their physicality and direct connection with potential customers. Furthermore, being delivered right to someone’s doorstep increases their chance of being read and noticed than other forms of advertising.

Utilize tracking mechanisms to evaluate the success of email campaigns targeting door-to-door leaflet readers. Segment your emails so that your messages and offers can be tailored specifically to different demographics – this will increase engagement and conversion rates while optimizing strategies for maximum return on investment (ROI). Ensure your content and subject line are tailored specifically for this target audience you are targeting.