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Fnatic vs. Team BDS, the Loser Fights NA for the World’s 4th Seed!

It is already September, which means that we have reached the time of the year when most regions have concluded their Summer seasons and the League of Legends World Championship is slowly making its way to our screens. 

This year will be a little different from the last years since LEC and LCS will be fighting each other in a never-before-seen NA vs. EU match that will determine which of the two regions will be sending a 4th team to the World Championship. 

Stixxay’s Golden Guardians are going to be representing North America while Europe’s representative will be announced tomorrow afternoon after the match between Fnatic and Team BDS has concluded. 

The loser of this match is going to take the 4th place in the LEC which means that they will get to fight Golden Guardians for the chance to represent Europe in the upcoming World Championship.

The NA vs. EU match, otherwise known as the “Worlds 2023 Qualifying Series” will take place on October 9th in LOL Park, Seoul.

It will be the first Worlds match of this year’s tournaments, and the heated rivalry between the two regions will make it a match that no NA or EU fan should miss out on. If you also want to try to play against professional players, you can try our League of Legends Elo Boosting service.

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Preview of Saturday’s match

Throughout the years, Fnatic has always delivered when it came down to representing Europe internationally. With 9 Worlds appearances to date, Fnatic has the most Worlds appearances of any Europe team so far. 

This year will mark the 10th World Championship appearance for the prestige team since even if they lose tomorrow’s match against team BDS they will still get to fight against NA in a Worlds best of 5.

On the other hand, team BDS will get their first World appearance since they joined the LEC back in June 2021.

Although Fnatic has a greater legacy and experience as an organization, team BDS has shown incredible improvement this year, compared to last year.

Crownie’s BDS managed to get all the way to the LEC Spring Finals where they went up 2-0 against the Mad Lions, only to get reverse swept 2-3 in a fantastic Mad Lions showcase of experience and vigor.

Despite that crushing defeat, team BDS still managed to pull themselves together and reach the top 4 in the LEC Season Finals after a dominant 3-0 against team SK.

Fnatic is entering the match after they won against the Summer finalists team XL 3-2, knocking them out of the Season Finals and subsequently the World spot contention in the process.

That being said, both teams are looking strong and ready to fight for the secured top 3 LEC Season Finals finish which will in turn guarantee a Worlds run.


In Top Lane, we have Wunder vs. Adam.

The difference in experience between these two players is noticeable, this does not condemn Adam though. 

This matchup is honestly going to go down to which team is going to prioritize the Top side in the draft. 

Counterpicks will be the thing to look for in this matchup since Adam especially has a lot of flavor picks up his sleeve.

The Jungle matchup will be Razork vs. Sheo.

Most experts would take Fnatic in this one since Razork’s sheer size of competitive experience vastly overshadows Sheo.

That being said, if Sheo can work together with Nuc as they’ve been doing all year, and also focus on playing facilitating junglers that can help Bottom Lane, the match will get infinitely more intriguing.

Mid lane 1v1, Humanoid vs Nuc.

Similar to the Jungle prediction, Humanoid is a much more successful and experienced player than Nuc.

This matchup is going to be heavily dictated by the Jungle-Mid synergy of the two teams.

Expect to see Scaling Mages in Mid.

Bot lane, the fighting pit.

Crownie and Labrov have shown that they can hold their own against every single Bottom Lane in the LEC so far.

Considering that team BDS always tries to play around Bottom Lane, but Fnatic tends to do the same, we are in for an exciting Bottom Lane fighting pit!

Expect both teams to heavily focus on the Bottom lane, with many ganks, dives, and potentially 4v4, or even 5v5 fights around early dragons.


Win or Lose tomorrow, both teams have already earned what they were trying to earn the whole year, a world spot.

Even if the loser is not guaranteed to get in the Play-ins, they at least have another chance to do so against Golden Guardians.

The winner, though, gets the potential of even fighting for the LEC season finals Championship.

Expect banger games tomorrow, let’s hope for a 5 game series!

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