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Is It Okay To Pursue A Personal Injury Claim Without A Hampshire Lawyer?

If you sustained serious injuries in an accident, you may require compensation for your medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, and other damages. In this case, you need a skilled New Hampshire injury lawyer to help you build a strong case against the person responsible for the accident or their insurer. 

The majority of accidents lead to minor injuries such as bruises, cuts, and minor swelling. These injuries tend to heal after two or three days, requiring just minimal treatment. But if you were in any kind of accident, you should undergo a medical exam right away to determine your overall condition. Your doctor can diagnose an injury that could become a severe medical condition. If your doctor confirms you sustained minor bruises and scrapes, you may not want to pursue legal action against the at-fault party. This means that it’s not worth hiring an attorney. 

When the Assistance of a Lawyer is Necessary

A personal injury lawyer is trained to negotiate claims. Thus, if you suffered an injury in an accident because of another party’s negligence, you must let an experienced injury attorney handle your case. Severe injuries include traumatic brain injuries, multiple broken bones, spinal cord injuries, injuries that require amputation, and others. If you sustained more than just cuts and bruises in an accident, you must file a personal injury claim with the advice and guidance of an attorney. This attorney will help you secure a more generous claim settlement for you than what you can get when you go through the claim process without legal representation. 

Why You Should Not Handle a Claim Alone

It’s important to know that whatever you say to the insurance adjuster can be used against your claim. During interactions with the adjuster, you could feel confused or nervous. As a result, you may end up admitting fault for the accident indirectly, increasing your risk of denial. In addition, negotiating your claim on your own means telling the insurer that you are desperate for speedy cash. Thus, the insurer may try to settle your claim quickly with as little money as possible. 

Insurance providers have handled thousands of personal injury claims. As a business, they want to make profits. Because of this, they may use deceptive tactics when negotiating a claim with you. 

The complexities of personal injury laws are hard to understand. You can easily get confused by the language utilized in insurance documents. Particularly if you are injured, cannot go to work, and have expenses piling up, a low-ball settlement offer from an insurer can be hard to turn down. But a personal injury attorney will walk through the consequences of accepting this offer and your options to maximize your settlement.