LawPublic Awareness: Campaigns and Initiatives Promoting Rideshare Safety

Public Awareness: Campaigns and Initiatives Promoting Rideshare Safety

In these times of technological advancements, rideshare services have brought about a lot of change that can be seen and observed. Just a few taps on your phone can make all of the difference. A person who has an app can easily book a ride and reach the destination that they choose to go to.

With all of this known to people, one of the aspects that is oftentimes overlooked is the public awareness of rideshare safety. Now, there are a number of ways that can be used to educate the public. From application services to calling out campaigns on the roads, all of these methods work fine for public awareness of the safety of rideshare safety.

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Safety Awareness Initiatives

Rideshare safety awareness initiatives are working for the public awareness and are going strong. These initiatives can be in different forms. Let’s have a look.

Safety Feature Awareness

The companies working as rideshare platforms do use their initiative to promote their in-app features for safety. Any company can highlight the importance of sharing a ride with a loved one by putting the focus on the ride-share option that is viable on their app. They can also bring people’s focus on verification of the vehicles before sitting in it by looking at the car details using the application for rideshare.

Public Service Announcements

Rideshare companies also help the public know about their safety through their collaborations with other companies whose work is related to public service messages.

They can cease and distribute a public service message in this collaboration. This can be in the form of some visuals like videos or images.

Training of Driver and Passenger

Some of the initiatives do include training the drivers and the passengers. Drivers here are given instructions and guidance related to the road safety, and protocols. And on the other hand, the passengers are guided on the safety measures that they can take.

Safety Education Campaigns

Rideshare companies are oftentimes seen arranging educational campaigns that can help the drivers and the passengers with valuable information that can help them while riding.

Anti-Harassment Efforts

Companies a lot of times come up with initiatives that can address and prevent ways that can help with tackling harassment and assaults. They are seen guiding the passengers with the ways that they can use in order to get out of a situation where there is danger of getting hurt.

Promotion of Importance of Vigilance and Reporting

In rideshare safety, one of the most important elements is making sure that the passenger and the driver are both safe. Now, encouraging the drivers and the passengers to report mishaps and danger is a very important part of the campaigns.

This is how it is done.

Confidentiality: The rideshare companies make sure that the privacy of a driver or a passenger will be kept confidential. This factor of anonymity can help a lot of passengers to report cases that they are not willing to.

Reporting Channels: Rideshare companies do establish very clear and accessible channels for reporting. These channels are designed in a way that they are very easy for the passengers to understand when it’s time to make a report.

Communication and Follow-up: Now, reporting is not something that is appreciated when it is only done in one way. There needs to be two-way communication where the person who has filed a complaint gets proper feedback on the report and the actions taken.

In-App Reporting Tools: A lot of the rideshare apps have now come up with the in-app reporting tools that can help them report any case while they are taking the ride.

Some Common Reporting Initiatives

Lyft’s Critical Response Line: Lyft has come up with a 24/7 helpline that helps the riders and the drivers report any incident that is related to their safety. This is done in real-time, and the actions taken are also in no time, ensuring the safety of the riders and the passengers.

Uber’s Safety Incident Response Team: Uber is thriving with its dedicated team that is working day and night to provide safety to both the rider and the passenger. This shows that the company is really serious in making sure that the safety of the passengers and the drivers is kept as number one priority.

Educational Campaigns: There are some of the major educational campaigns run by the rideshare companies. These make sure that users do report the incidents once they face them.


Public awareness when it comes to assault cases in ride sharing is very important. It is often ignored but holds a lot of importance. Ridesharing companies these days are putting in a lot of effort in educating the public about the safety aspects of things and are doing a great job.