NewsThe Weekend Bag: 5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Travel Bag

The Weekend Bag: 5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Travel Bag

Weekender bags are perfect for a few days away, making them an essential item for anyone who likes to travel. What should you look for in your go-to weekend bag? Here are the five factors to consider.

1. Balance Size and Portability

Size is possibly the most crucial thing to consider when choosing a suitcase, as it limits how much you can bring. Weekender bags tend to be on the smaller end of the spectrum, but they should still fit the following:

  • Enough clothing for a few days
  • Toiletries
  • Electronics and their accessories

Portability is another important issue and ties into size, as the larger a suitcase is, the more cumbersome it becomes. If you can’t easily carry your bag over your shoulder, look into luggage with wheels and handles for greater convenience.

2. Consider Your Travel Needs

Everyone has unique travel needs that influence the design of their travel bags. For example, you may need extra space for prescriptions or medical equipment. If you experience migraines or low blood sugar, you may need to pack emergency snacks. The ideal weekend bag has secure pockets to hold these essential items.

If you have hobbies you like to pursue on the go, that also factors into your preferred luggage. Social media aficionados may bring makeup and selfie sticks to capture the perfect shot, while gamers may bring their favorite handheld gaming console to stay occupied in transit.

3. Think About Security

You probably travel with valuables in your luggage; if these get lost or stolen, you might never get them back. While you can take precautions to prevent these issues, there’s always the risk of something happening beyond your control, especially if you have to check your bags.

The good news is that many weekender bags come with security features:

  • Cut-resistant straps
  • Passport pockets
  • RFID-blocking card slots
  • Lockable zippers

4. Don’t Forget Aesthetics

A black weekender bag is a classic for a reason; black goes with everything, so you never have to worry about clashing with your favorite luggage. The one downside is that black is a common choice. As a result, you may have trouble identifying your bag on the luggage carousel.

Picking a brighter color or unique pattern eliminates this issue and showcases your personality. Just be careful about choosing lighter hues, as they show dirt more easily.

5. Research Materials

Durability is crucial for luggage, as you want to get the most out of your investment. Durable materials also protect the contents from thieves and the elements. For example, water-resistant bags ensure your electronics stay safe if you get caught in the rain.

It’s also a good idea to get a bag that’s easy to clean. When you’re out and about, you’re bound to get a smudge or two. With low-maintenance material, you can easily wipe it down and continue on your way.

Now that you know the most important factors in choosing active bags, it’s time to find your perfect luggage. With a durable and stylish suitcase at your side, you can get the most out of your travels.