BusinessTraveling To The Uk From India For The First Time? Do Consider...

Traveling To The Uk From India For The First Time? Do Consider These Tips

The United Kingdom has always been an inviting foreign travel destination for Indians. It is one of the few global destinations that offer the best of everything. So whether you’re an art aficionado or history buff, a nature lover or a seeker of modern marvels, the UK has something fascinating for everyone.

If you have decided to visit and experience the charm of this beautiful country for the first time, this guide can help you prepare better for your upcoming trip. After talking to seasoned Indian travelers, we’ve curated the best travel tips to make your experience more pleasant, smooth, and memorable. So let’s quickly explore the tips shared below.

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  • Schedule Your Trip Wisely

Whether you’re planning to visit London or Edinburgh, consider the weather conditions for a pleasant experience. For example, June to August offers pleasant weather and longer daylight hours as its summer season. It makes it an excellent season for exploring more outdoor activities, landmarks, etc.

But if you prefer milder temperatures and want to avoid huge crowds at tourist places, Spring and Autumn seasons can be the traveling period. The period from December to February is chilly, so plan your trip during this season if you can handle colder temperatures. This period can be a magical time to visit the UK, as the country is decorated to celebrate the holiday season.

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  • Get All the Documentation Done

Travelling abroad involves a lot of documentation work. Depending on the destination country, you should prepare a list of all crucial documents and keep them handy before and during travel. While preparing the list, ensure you keep your passport and the UK tourist visa for Indians at the top.

If you have applied for a UK tourist visa, be ready with the original and photocopies of your updated bank statement, visa application form, visa payment receipt, hotel and flight booking receipts, and passport. If you are taking international travel insurance, keep its photocopies as well. We suggest getting a sturdy file folder to securely keep all the important travel documents in one place. It will take away most worries from your travel experience.

  • Create a Packing & Bucket List

Tourists visiting the UK for the first time can get overwhelmed by the wide range of options regarding landmarks, activities, etc. If your travel days are numbered, having a personalized itinerary for guidance is the best way to make the most of your trip. The UK has countless tourist attractions, and you shouldn’t waste time deciding where to go after landing in the UK.

Keep a personalized itinerary handy that also features ways to reach the shortlisted attractions from your hotel/accommodation. Another excellent tip is to pack what you need, not what you want. Over-carrying items can make you pay higher baggage fees at the airport, and carrying it throughout can be tedious. Hence, travel light and always use your personalized itinerary for guidance.

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  • Book Flight Tickets & Accommodation in Advance

Whether you’re visiting the UK during the holiday season or off-season, you cannot risk not booking your flight tickets and accommodation in advance. One significant benefit of advance booking is comparatively lesser costs. People who book hotels and flight tickets just days before their travel date, end up paying much more than those who have made earlier bookings. So to save money and avoid your favorite accommodations getting pre-booked by other tourists, always make an advance booking.

  • Look for an Oyster Card & London Pass

Most Indian tourists visit London during their UK trip. If you’re planning something similar, getting a London Pass can be your travel investment. A London Pass lets you explore the city’s best attractions without having to stand in long ticket lines. You can use this pass to cover most top attractions while enjoying great discounts and additional benefits.

Another must-have during your UK trip is an oyster card. This card is excellent for DIY travelers who wish to explore the city independently. If you will be taking plenty of rides in the classic red double-decker buses and the Tube, an oyster card can help you get convenient rides without queuing for tickets.

  • Join Group Tours

If you’re traveling solo, joining group tours can be an excellent choice. Since group tour organizers are responsible for making all travel arrangements to the places included in their package, you can only focus on exploring the city’s beauty. But renting a vehicle can be better if you want to explore the UK on your own. The UK is one of the Indian driving licence valid countries, so you can drive a specific class of vehicles in England, Scotland, and Wales, making it easier to cover places far from the main city center.

Enjoy a Hassle-Free UK Trip

Visiting a new country can be incredibly thrilling and overwhelming at the same time. If you don’t want any unwanted troubles to show up before or during your upcoming UK trip, following the curated tips discussed above can help. They broadly cover most problems first-time travelers face while visiting a foreign location. Start incorporating these tips while creating your itinerary or travel plan, and see how smooth it all turns out to be.

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