LifestyleUseful information about hair factory around the world

Useful information about hair factory around the world

If you want to buy hair from hair factory but feel confused by the various information sources, this blog will provide you with the most important nanoplasty hair straightening in Sydney insights about hair factory around the world and top the best ones.

1. The reasons to buy hair from hair factory 

When it comes to buying hair extensions, hair factory and commercial companies are two main sources from which you can find the most suitable products for yourself.  Between the two types, hair factory is attracting much interest from hair extension enthusiasts from every corner of the world.

There are two types of hair suppliers on the market: hair factory and commercial companies. Hair factory is known for its advanced equipment, adequate facilities and ability to produce tons of products in-house. While a hair factory is the key supplier, commercial companies have the role of the middleman, a distributor of hair from the suppliers to the customers.

1.1. Pros of buying from hair factory

Hair factory is in the spotlight these days with a lot of public attention from global customers. Buying hair from a hair factory is definitely a money-saving way to get high-quality hair extensions.

  • Clear product information: One thing that makes a hair factory attractive is the explicit product information they provide from the origin of the hair and the substances used in hair manufacturing to the standard facilities and environment impact, especially with the hair factory that has certifications in the aspects of  their business.
  • Better quality: With clear origin and detailed product information, the quality of hair products is well assured from the ethical sourcing to the final packaging. Moreover, the quality of the hair is stable thanks to the high level of workmanship and the utility of intensive machinery.
  • Better prices: Hair factory achieves the economies-of-scales effects by operating on a large production scale. This is an effective way to cut production cost and other expenses, resulting in significantly lower prices. Moreover, buying hair extensions from direct-to-customer supplier is a better deal since the products don’t have to go through retail distribution.
  • Ability to meet large orders: Hair factory is mainly focusing on producing hair with cutting-edge technology and modern machinery. Given the efficiency of the labor force and  high-capacity machines, they can supply tons of hair each year to the global market. And of course, hair factory is totally able to meet large orders from customers in a timely manner without sacrificing quality.

Hair factory is the destination for hair extensions lovers around the world for the explicit product information, good quality and reasonable price they offer.

Hair factory offers high-quality product with affordable price

1.2. Cons of buying from hair factory

Besides the pros, buying from a hair factory wont be suitable for you if you want just a small quantity of product for personal use or a wide variety of hair extensions.

  • The limited variety of products: Hair factor usually concentrates on manufacturing certain product lines in large quantities, which gives them the comparative advantage in making certain products with superior quality. The drawback of the intensive production is that they are unable to supply a wide range of products.
  • The minimum order quantity: As hair factory focuses on mass production and offers good prices , they will require a minimum order quantity. Most agree to ship with hair order starting from 5 kg. If you want to buy hair for personal use, this may not be a good option.
  • Lack of service: Unlike commercial enterprises, hair factory does not have professional customer service to take care of the clients in the purchasing process. They only deal with issues related to the products if any serious quality problems arise.

Weighing up all the pros and cons, a hair factory is a perfect choice for hair wholesalers who want a stable source of hair supply and competitive price, especially to resell it to make profits. In spite of the fact that ordering hair from a hair factory may sound like a piece of cake, it’s actually not easy. This option is only suitable for someone with rich experience and high expertise in the hair industry as it will be necessary to carefully inspect the hair factory before making a purchase. 

2. Hair factory around the world

Hair factory is usually located in a place where all the favorable factors are available from the sufficient raw materials, the abundance of labor force and state-of-the-art equipment. Most manufacturing hubs are distributed in South East Asia, India and China.

2.1. Hair factory in Vietnam is renowned for supplying premium hair 

South East Asia is the destination that raises the interest and curiosity of many hair harvesters around the world. With the limitless hair source, this is the place where many manufacturing hubs are centrally located.

2.1.1.  Introduction to Vietnamese hair factory

One special thing about the Vietnamese hair factory is that it has high-quality raw materials which are directly taken from the local hair donors. 

  • The source of raw ingredients: The raw material is 100% human hair collected from Vietnamese women. The tropical climate, lifestyle and good genes have given women beautiful long black hair. The hair is then harvested by the hair factory to make beautiful final extensions.
  • The characteristics of the hair: Hair collected from Vietnamese donors is naturally black, strong, versatile and long-lasting.  Because of the wider size of the cuticle, Southeast Asian hair, in general, is often fuller in thickness than the alternatives.
  • The production scale: Hair factory in Vietnam is usually not big, mostly ranging from small to medium, a few are big. Despite that fact, they have just enough adequate facilities and skilled labours to meet the demand from the global market.
  • Hair price: Hair products from Vietnamese hair factory mostly fall in the medium to high price range because of its top-notch quality

Hair factories in Vietnam does not operate on a magnificent scale , yet, they still establish themselves as best suppliers when it comes down to the sophistication of hair products. This hair factory will be a suitable partner for customers who set hair quality as their priority.

2.1.2. Pros of buying hair from Vietnamese hair factory 

There are several advantages when you decide to buy hair from a hair factory in Vietnam such as the reasonable price and top-notch quality of the products.

  • High quality: The first thing factor is the stable and excellent quality that Vietnamese hair factory offers. As i mentioned before, the hair products are made from 100% human hair without going through toxic chemical treatment which makes them strong, durable, easy to maintain and perfectly versatile.
  • Unlimited raw ingredients: The hair supply in Vietnam is abundant since women there have the habit of growing long hair. When the hair is directly cut and taken, they can be used to make premium hair items with consistent quality.
  • Reasonable price: Hair price from Vietnamese hair factory, though not cheap,  is considered quite reasonable given that quality level. Moreover, hair bought in bulk from the manufacturer is cheaper than from a commercial firm.

The priceless value you will get from a hair factory in Vietnam is the guarantee in hair quality and long product’s life span. The price may imply that getting hair extensions from them can be  an upfront investment, but it’s a wise investment in the long run. If you care about the core value and authenticity of hair products, find yourself a reliable Vietnamese hair factory.

2.2. Hair factory in China- the largest hair factory in the world

Hair factory in China sparks a lot of heated discussions among hair wholesalers around the world due to quality and ethical issues. Let’s find out what the secrets behind this huge supplier are in this part.

  2.2.1. Introduction to Chinese hair factory

China is the big producer, importer and exporter of hair. The majority of Chinese manufacturing hubs are found in East China where a huge volume of hair with diverse variety is exported each year.

  • The source of raw ingredients: Due to the mass industrialization coming with modern lifestyle and eating habits, there is no hair source in China. Chinese hair suppliers have to make their way to other countries where the raw ingredients are plentiful. Most of the input ingredients imported from India are in the form of hair balls or hair trash, which raises the questions about the quality of the products
  • The characteristics of the hair: Chinese hair factory can produce a huge volume of hair extensions with diverse variety. Of course, they do have premium hair items but most of the hair products have inconsistent quality due to unclear origin, the sourcing to the use of chemicals in the manufacturing process. Chinese hair factory can produce hair with a very beautiful and attractive appearance but they are fragile, prone to breakage and usually not long lasting. Styling, dying and bleaching are not recommended.
  • Production scale: Chinese hair factory has a significantly large scale with bleeding-edge technology, giant machinery and good workmanship. With their products on the shelf of almost every hair vendors, they takes pride in producing hair items with a glossy, gorgeous look and very wide variety.
  • Price: Hair factory in China offers very competitive price with a wide price range from dirt cheap to expensive. You can get hair from them with the starting price from 7$ for a 6 inch-hair weft.

With growing value and demand, human hair is truly considered “black gold” in China with million USD export value each year. This human commodity there is most  famous for the vast range of selections from colors, lengths to textures. 

2.2.2. Why buying hair from Chinese hair factory

        Buying hair from a Chinese hair factory is not a bad idea if you have a high need for wide product ranges and affordable prices.

  • Product diversity: When it comes to product diversity and alluring hair extensions, Chinese hair factory has no matched competitors. They have everything from the simple hair bulk to charming, sophisticated wigs in various styles and hues.
  • Competitive price: Chinese hair manufacturers are famous for their competitive price offering. Customers can buy hair with any cost and quality they want from low-end to high-end.
  • Ability to carry out big orders: Given the advanced technology and efficient producing activities, it is not hard work for hair factory in China to fulfill large orders in a timely manner. 

Although purchasing hair from a Chinese hair factory has many advantages, there are a few things you need to consider carefully like the hair origin, hair quality and chemical usage.

2.3. Hair factory in India is well-known for low-cost hair

India is the biggest exporter of raw hair in the world. Hair factory in India is well-known for the plentiful amount of raw materials and low hair prices.

  1. 3.1.  Introduction to Indian hair factory

Hair factory in India is the main supplier of hair for many hair vendors in the world. Here are their features:

  • The source of raw ingredients: There are 2 main sources of hair in India: Temple hair and hair balls. Temple hair is taken when people shave their hair in Indian temples as a ceremonial ritual to honor their god. Hair balls, in the form of non-remy hair, are randomly collected on the pipelines, salon floors or public washrooms.
  • The characteristics of the hair: Indian hair is naturally dry, coarse and curly so it needs to be straightened before being styled into various hair types. This makes the hair easily broken and damaged, especially hair balls. Indian hair is generally not long lasting and versatile.
  • Production scale: Hair factory in India usually has small scale with outdated machinery, most of the work is done by hand from the first step to the final packaging.
  • Price: Indian hair factory has the cheapest price on the market because of the low labor cost and abundance of raw materials. One bundle of hair can cost from just 5$.

Indian hair factory is the right source of hair supply for you if you want to import raw hair at a low price to start a hair vendor or salon. 

Indian hair tends to be dry and curly

2.3.2. Why buying hair from Indian hair factory

Indian hair factory can be a good partner for you for the incomparable good price they offer.

  • Low hair price: Many Chinese hair suppliers have come to India for the cheap and plentiful hair source. This is also the most attractive factor that makes customers interested in Indian hair. 
  • Large order fulfillment: Though most operate in small scale Indian hair factory can carry out large orders from customers all over the world.

Indian hair factory is a top choice when you want truly raw hair at an surprisingly affordable cost. Apart from that, they are totally capable of supplying a large quantity of raw hair if you need big order to start your own business.

3. Tips to buy hair from a hair factory

It’s confusing to stand in front of wide selections of hair factories. In this part, we will explore some tips to buy hair from a hair factory.

3.1. Tips to find a dependable hair factory

With a wide selection of hair factories around the world, it can be confusing to find a reliable supplier for yourself. Nonetheless, there are some tips that make this process way easier. 

  • Find information of the hair factory on the internet: Nowadays, with the booming of social media and the internet, you can easily find detailed information and background knowledge about any hair factory around the world. Look for insights about their scale, their main products and the reviews from previous customers. 
  • Consider your needs: Think of the reason why you need to buy hair: you need hair for personal use or to start a hair business or open a professional salon. If you want to do business, investigate the local demand, what hair types the consumers like, what they pay attention to the most when shopping for hair: the reasonable price, the trendy color, textures or stable hair quality and what other competitors have. With the thorough insights of the market, you can narrow the range of products and the lists of potential hair factories.
  • Contact the suppliers for in-depth information: contacting the suppliers for further information is an indispensable part. You need to ask the manufacturer about the price, the discount, policy and some conditions both parties need to agree on. Remember to be polite and patient and represent yourself as a potential buyer aiming at a win-win partnership.
  • Additional tips: If you want to buy hair at a cheap price, choose an Indian hair factory. If you desire to have a wide variety of hair, contact a Chinese hair factory. If you have high demand for high quality hair, opt for a hair factory in Southeast Asia, especially a Vietnamese hair factory. 

Finding a dependable hair factory isn’t  hard work if you follow the tips above. This process may take time but it is the first and foremost step to get high-quality hair extensions as a good supplier will not only provide you with good commodity but also trust and partnership in long term.

3.2 Tips to check the hair quality from hair factory

Checking hair quality before making a purchase from a hair factory is of great importance. Here are the tips that will help you do it properly: 

  • Investigate the hair factory’s production chain: After roaming around the Internet for information, it’s necessary to do a brief tour around the hair factory. Take a careful look at the size of the factory, the working conditions, facilities and the manufacturing process. That’s how you can be sure about the reputation of the hair factory and products’ quality. 
  • Buy a sample from a hair factory: Another way to check hair’s quality is to get a sample from the manufacturer. Some factories agree to give free samples and some don’t. In that case you will need to pay a little bit for sample cost and the shipping expense, but that will prevent you from losing money in the long run.

Checking the hair quality may be a bit daunting if you are new to this field, in this case, you should get consultants from experts. 

Investigating the hair factory’s production chain is of great importance.

4. Top 5 hair factory around the world 

Finding a hair factory isn’t hard with these top 5 best hair factories in the world. Let’s find out what the top factories are and what they offer.

  1. 1. Vin Hair Vendor – the best hair factory in Vietnam

Vin Hair Vendor is the best hair factory in Vietnam. They have established themself as a global recognized hair brand for 10 years of continuous dedication to hair manufacturing. Vin Hair Vendor collects the best Vietnamese hair from donors from all around the country

Vietnamese hair is the most sought after hair in the market. With the presence of Vin Hair Vendor, access to this hair is no longer a trouble. 

4.2. SGI Hair – a reliable hair factory from India

Among various hair vendors in India, SGI Hair stands out as a star in manufacturing top-notch hair products. 

  • Hair products: hair extensions, premium hair wigs, lace wigs
  • Price: fall into the expensive category
  • Lengths: 8-34 inches

If you are looking for superb hair items from India, you can get them directly from SGI Hair without any doubt about quality though the price may seem a bit high.

4.3. Juancheng Leshine Hair Products Co., Ltd – a hair factory from China

 Juancheng Leshine Hair Products Co., Ltd is one of the biggest hair factory in China with various ISO certifications. This hair supplier should come in the top of your list for the wide range of products and affordable prices they offer.

  • Products: braiding hair, hair weft, hair extensions
  • Price: $3 to $200
  • Policy: accept returns and exchanges

With its popularity, Juancheng Leshine hair products can be found everywhere, promising this can be a great supplier for Chinese hair.

4.4. TedHair – another hair factory from China

TedHair is a hair factory providing hair products wholesale to hair vendors, salon owners all round the world. With 10 years of experience in the hair extensions field, this is one of the top options for Chinese hair.

  • Hair products: lace closures, virgin hair, hair extensions,..
  • Price: $24-$330
  • Lengths: 8-40 inches.

With the wide range of selections and affordable prices, TedHair is a reliable Chinese hair factory for you to work with. 

4.5. Angkor Hair- a good Cambodian hair factory

Besides Vietnamese hair, Cambodian alternative is also the favorite hair item of customers around the world for its durability and versatility

  • Hair products: mostly hair bulk with various textures like curly, wavy, straight and unique colors like black, blonded, silver…
  • Price: $424.5/1kg
  • Policy: exchanges and returns accepted

Angkor hair is a destination for affordable and top-notch Cambodian hair. If you are in love with this type of hair, don’t hesitate to contact them for more information.