TechnologyVirtual Phone Numbers for Registrations on the Internet

Virtual Phone Numbers for Registrations on the Internet

Most of today’s online services, social networks and applications ask for your phone number for verification before granting you access to your account. This verification is used to ensure the protection of personal data and without it you will not be able to log into an existing account or register a new one.

On the one hand, for owners of large online resources it is a good way to collect contact information for advertising companies and weed out bots, but in some cases it may be a barrier to registration and full use by ordinary users. For example, many people don’t want to provide personal information such as their phone number when registering.

Hence the question – is it possible to bypass SMS activate during registration without using your personal number? We will not keep you in suspense and answer in advance, it is possible! How to do this you will learn further in our article.

Virtual Phone Number for Registrations – a Modern Technology of Cloud Telephony

A virtual phone number for registrations is a special kind of phone number that is used to confirm identity or to register with various online services, applications or social networks. Unlike a regular phone number, it is not connected in any way to a physical device and does not require a physical chip to work. It is created in a virtual environment and can only be accessed over the Internet.

One of the main uses of virtual phone numbers for registration is to protect against spam and provide privacy. When you sign up for websites or applications, you are often required to provide your phone number to receive a confirmation SMS code. However, many people don’t want to disclose their real number because of possible unwanted mailings or potential misuse of information. In this case, a virtual phone number can be used as an alternative. Below we will discuss the benefits of this service more clearly and find out who may need it and why.

The Main Advantages of using Virtual Telephony Services

  • When registering online accounts, many people want to keep their personal number private. Instead of giving strangers and companies your personal cell phone number, use a virtual counterpart. This way you can go through the registration process while keeping your personal phone number private.
  • No expensive extras and fees. You don’t need a physical SIM card to use virtual phone numbers, the whole process takes place over the Internet. Therefore you don’t need any additional equipment and you don’t need to buy a rate plan from your mobile operator. You will have to pay only a small fee (about ten cents) for the service of receiving SMS.
  • Spam protection. This type of mobile number is most often used to avoid spam and unwanted messages that may be associated with registering on certain websites or applications. You can easily unsubscribe from a virtual number if it starts receiving unwanted mail or becomes a spam victim.
  • Geographical flexibility. You can choose a virtual number from different countries and regions depending on your needs. This is useful if you need to register on websites or applications that require a specific country number.

Who might need to create a virtual number and why?

Digital phone numbers are in demand among both private customers and businesses. The service may be needed in the following cases:

  1. If a user of a certain application, social network or other online service needs to register additional accounts, but the system does not allow using the same phone number.
  2. If when registering on various dating sites or other platforms the user doesn’t want to specify a personal phone number. Usually a confirmation code is required only for verification of a new user and will hardly be needed again in the future.
  3. If you need to carry out advertising campaign or organize an SMS mailing to the site of interest and need several accounts. In order not to buy a lot of SIM-cards, you should decide how to create a virtual mobile number.